Coloring App Translation Guide

Dear Translator,

This document provides additional context and screenshots to help with translation of our coloring apps.

We currently have 4 coloring apps that share the same engine.

  • Color Sprouts – our first coloring app, features 80+ pictures on various topics
  • Color Sprouts Free – free version of Color Sprouts
  • Holidays Coloring Book – coloring app featuring various holidays, (Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, St.Patrick’s Day, etc.)
  • Shapes Coloring Book – coloring book featuring images composed of geometric shapes

When it comes to localization, the apps share 95% of the same strings, the main differences are localized titles and marketing description that shows up in the marketplace:

Marketplace description for a sample app can be previewed here:

More are available here:

The rest of the document includes screenshots of various pieces of app:

Start Screen

When the app starts, it displays a selection of coloring page miniatures + 2 additional icons on top. Clicking on any of the icons or the miniatures takes you to the Drawing page below.

(click on the thumbnail for full image)

On the bottom of the screen there is a menu with various options (click to see all of them):

“previous” icon displays previous page of images

“next” icon displays next page of images

“pictures” opens standard OS-provided UI to pick an image from Picture Library and draw on it

“settings” takes you to “Settings” page

“feedback” takes you to “Feedback” page

“review” opens standard UI to rate and review the app in the Marketplace

“share on facebook” opens standard OS-provided UI to share the app on Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live and other social networks the user may have configured. If Facebook is not used in the country, feel free to replace with general “share with your friends”, or something like that

“tweaks” is for development purposes only – users never see this string

Settings Page

Settings page allows the user to configure various settings for the app. The page uses pivot control where the user can select multiple sub-pages by either swiping left/right or clicking on the title of the sub-page.

Settings/Main page

First page has the following options:

– enable image sharing via email – allows user (typically parent) to enable/disable image sharing via email

– automatically save all pictures in the picture library – will cause all images to be saved to picture library automatically. When unchecked the user will be prompted to save the image whenever they are starting a new one.

Settings/Sharing page

The second page displays a contact list where user can add/remove/edit contacts and provide their own nickname and optionally email address. When they send an image, the nickname will be used as their signature and email allows the recipient to optionally reply back to the sender.

Lock contact information at the bottom enables parents to prevent the child from sending pictures to people outside of the list.

Editing/deleting contacts is done through a context menu, which shows up when you long press on a contact:

After selecting ‘edit’ the user is taken to ‘Contact Details Page’.

Contact Details Page

Contact details allows the user to edit display name and picture for a person and set the language that should be used in the email. No screenshot is included here because of technical reasons, but the fields are:

“contact name” – name of the person (editable)

“email address” – email address of the person (can’t be edited, selector button is provided to choose email from an address book)

“email language” – dropdown containing list of supported languages

“set picture” – button allows the user to take a picture with a camera and assign it to a contact.

Feedback Page

Feedback page displays app title, version number and links to our website + email address for support questions.

Drawing Page

Drawing page is where the user spends most time – drawing and coloring images. On the bottom of the screen there are various palettes the user can click:

Tools Palette

Requires localized names for all drawing tools:

Color Palette

Has 3 sections – for “colors”, “gradients” and “textures”, each with a localized title:

Stamps Palette

Displays the selection of stamps the user can put in the picture. The title of the page needs to be translated.

Popup Menu

Popup menu displays advanced options for reverting and saving picture.

– “new picture” will return to the Start Page (same as pressing the Back button on the phone)

– “save picture” will save the picture

– “reset” will undo all the changes to the picture and reset it to original state

Send Email Page

The page shows up when the person clicks the “envelope” icon at the bottom of the screen. It’s a two-screen wizard:

The first screen allows you to select a contact or add a new one by clicking on the plus sign:

The second page (displayed only if they user has not provided their name/nickname yet) allows them to set it just before sending the email. When sending 2nd and subsequent emails, only the first page is displayed and email is sent right after choosing a recipient.


Email Templates

Emails from the application are sent using a template engine, where the user only selects language and the recipient and email gets formatted automatically. The template uses 3 parameters, that will be replaced with values provided by the user or based on the app.

Subject: You have a new image from $senderName.

Body: $senderName has sent you an image created with $appName for Windows Phone.


Contact Information

If something is not clear or if you have any more questions, feel free to send us email at: